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How to use the FTP (With TLS/SSL)

We're going to be using WinSCP for this. You can download it here, this guide will be for 5.7.5 but should still apply to newer versions if and when those appear. This FTP only accepts SSL connections so trying to connect using a browser will not work.

So after installing, launch WinSCP.

  1. Click on New Site in the left toolbar, then in the "File Protocol" dropdown, select FTP.
  2. Change the Encryption dropdown to "TLS/SSL Explicit encryption" note EXPLICIT, not IMPLICIT.
  3. Enter the hostname IP and PORT that you've been provided.
  4. Enter the username you've been provided, then click save, then login.
  5. You'll be prompted to enter your password next. If you get an error, double check the settings above. If you're still having trouble contact us here.
  6. The rest is standard, you can double click to download something or drag and drop. Enjoy.
Sep 15, 2015
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