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Getting Started with IRC

The Chat page we have is a great alternative but not everyone wants to leave a browser open just for chat, especially when it's easier and more configurable to use a client so here's a quick rundown.

  • For windows, mIRC and Hexchat are the two most popular options. Hexchat is highly recommended and easier on the eyes.
  • For Mac, Colloquy is the go-to (apparently).
  • Cross Platform, Chatzilla, Pidgin and Hexchat.

Firstly, you'll want to add the welp.me server to the server list. We'll use Hexchat for these examples.

  • Click on Hexchat in the title bar, then network list. Enter the nickname you'd like to use, then click Add.
  • Name the network, hit enter then click Edit. This is what you will want yours to look like. Make sure and tick both of the SSL options and make note of the "Login Method" as we'll revisit that later. (If for whatever reason you don't want to use SSL, change the port to 6667 and untick the SSL options.)
  • In the "Autojoin Channels" tab we can specify channels to automatically join, just make sure to enter #welp and not welp.
    • So far when we launch hexchat, we will automatically connect to the welp IRC with SSL enabled and autojoin our channels, awesome.
  • Next up, we're going to register our username so nobody else can use it. I've given that it's own section in the FAQ here.
    • Remember the "Login Method" from above? Here we're going to select the first one (/msg nickserv) and enter our nickserv password.
  • Lastly, we're going to get a vHost for added security. This also has it's own question in the FAQ.
Now, when launching your client of choice it should automatically connect you to the welp IRC, identify you and join your channels with the vHost permanently activated.

Some handy commands.
  • /join #channel - joins specified channel.
  • /part - to leave one channel, /partall to leave all.
  • /me - action message.
  • /nick - changes your nick.
  • /msg - starts a private chat with a user.
  • /ignore - ignores the specified user.
  • /quit - quits irc.
  • /help - shows all available commands.
Jun 11, 2015
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