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Hi, welcome to welp.me!

welp.me is a group of friends, myself, teisat, sir gibbsalot and weazlor. We've known each other from university in Limerick, Ireland going back almost 10 years ago. There was a games society (GSOC) where we'd meet and have LAN parties once, twice, 7 times a week or meet at the famous DX in town.

Oh, nostalgia. Cripes.

Here's what they're like today, a pale shadow of its former self. Note the filthy RPG plebians in the header!

I met Duncan (Sir Gibbsalot, look at his hair!) while in the enrollment queue for our course, Applied Computing and Networking. It's a bit dumb but somehow we got talking about Counter Strike, no really. The sign up day for Clubs and Societies followed at some stage where we met Barry (weazlor) who had some role with the GSOC signup stand. Barry's notable for his dedication to GSOC, he worked so hard (I'm sure...) on it that it took him 3 years to get into the 2nd year of his course. More on him later.

So as GSOC dictated, every Tuesday a group of us, anywhere from 4-12 would head into the local gaming center, DimensionX, previously FrontierX. This became a mainstay of GSOC for 2-3 years but as the Old Guard that ran GSOC filtered out and left university, the society started to fall into disrepair. We lost our domain (gsoc.net) due to laziness, RPG's and consoles overtook our weekly LAN parties. By this stage I'd gotten a full time job and left university and moved in with David (Sergeant Horse!).

That house was mostly a blur, my most notable memory was getting drunk off a bottle of Skittlebrau (take a bag of skittles and empty it into a bottle of smirnoff, then sit it in the freezer) and knocking over a stack of servers onto myself. Horse leaves us here, as he went to America to make a life with his girlfriend and we still miss him to this day.

I moved out and into Barrys house. It was in the same estate as our previous house and when walking in the front door all you'd see is a mass of cables and the router being ducktaped to the ceiling above the stairs. Best memory from that house was myself and Barry being home alone, broke and with nothing to eat for 2 days. All we had was a tin of strawberry spongecake and no tin opener. Both of us sat at the table staring at it, hilarious to look back on. It's also worth remembering that Barry lost an election race to a bag of Maryland Cookies...they had a better campaign.

I got a new job and for some reason, we decided on a new house closer to my new job. We moved into a new place (again surrounded by students) and some old GSOC friends of ours took the house next to it. We even ran a cable through the attic to LAN but we couldn't revive the older days, sadly. We got robbed twice at this house actually, once a friend had their laptop stolen and the second time someone broke a window to take a crate of Heineken that was within view, also full of empty bottles. Idiots.

The next house we moved into, we managed to get Duncan to join us in. It's at this point where Eoin (Teisat) makes a proper appearance as he moved in shortly afterwards aswell. Things were cool here for a while, I actually stayed there for 4-5 years and it was a lovely house. It was more of the usual really, I'm trying to think of anything that really stood out and apart from the friends I made, there isn't really a whole lot. The usual drinking games, computer games, frayed tempers and arguments but I still loved it all the same. Will joined us for a small time, then Eoin left us to travel a bit, Barry got a girlfriend and moved out and Duncan moved out. Neal moved in (Bubbles). I lost my job, moved out. Neal still lives there. It used be a lot of fun but something changed. Shrug, life goes on.

Nowadays I live with Eoin, still in Limerick. Everyone's still about but has their own things going on. We don't see each other as much but that's where welp.me comes in.

Anyways, enough of that. GSOC's motto was "5 years minimum membership", a jab at our probably ridiculous amount of failed exams and repeat years. While some of us changed courses, universities or got jobs - a few of us stuck together over the following years. welp.me started as a way to keep in touch, probably. It really only started when Barry and I started a minecraft server 4-5 years ago or so. It grew to 8 servers, teamspeak server and website at its prime. Eoin and Duncan helped to run it and it was fun for the 9months or so it was online. I kept the domain and every now and again I'd put something together but inevitably, laziness would set in. It was even a terrible phpbb board for a while before I got the Xenforo license off another friend.

This time I'm hoping for it to be permanent, even if only as a hobby.

I've no idea where welp.me will go and I prefer it that way, anything could happen. If you want to join us for the ride feel free to hop on teamspeak (ts.welp.me). You can link your teamspeak to your forum account, which will allow you to create channels, more information here. You can also link your steam account, info here.

The entire site's ran through SSL provided by Comodo and for added security, there's an option for 2 factor authentication. We use PostgreSQL, Xenforo, Ubuntu Server and Nginx. It all runs on Dedicated Servers from OVH, located in France, that's protected by Cloudflare. We also run a plethora of Xenforo plugins, too many to mention. Charybdis and Atheme run the IRC with some help from ZNC and Limnoria. PHPServerMon tracks uptime of our various services and Munin provides the hardware data.

So yeah, that's everything I think.

Wild ride, here's to the future!


Oct 20, 2014
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