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  1. jamiew0w
    Created by jamiew0w
    Sep 9, 2015
    1. Rebuilt the livestreaming platform from scratch on a new server. Unfortunately no transcoding so source quality for all! It's going to stay passworded until further notice. You can find it at the livestream tab.
    2. Built the popout chat for the stream page, this took a lot longer than I'm willing to admit. Replaced with better sidebar chat.
    3. Changed around the sidebar for a lot of the site, now everything's more uniform....
  2. jamiew0w
    Created by jamiew0w
    Jul 29, 2015
    Mostly minor stuff this time.
    1. Working a lot on IRC the last few days, will be up and down a lot. More info on this when it's complete. Fixed it, normal service resumed.
    2. The streaming platform has been temporarily disabled due to twitch changing their API. No ETA on this unfortunately.
    3. Completed the migration of our home server from windows to linux. This is primarily used to store backups of the site and data. There's also a small (whitelisted) Minecraft server...